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Denis Radenkovic,
September, 2004

Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance


Buddy Creative

If I were to hire a plumber on the basis of their company logo – which for me isn’t actually that far from the truth – it would be The Plumber. For everything else, it would have to be Martin Newcombe, he’s got the entire house covered.

I spotted this identity in the 2009 CR Annual.

Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance

Designer’s notes:

Early Concepts

We initially worked on a route that played on the “new” element of Martin Newcombe’s name.

We liked it, but we felt sure there was a ‘Pentagram Mark’ route to be had. I’d love to pretend we had sheets and sheets of sketches and refinement, but in all honesty a 5 minute chat with my Creative Partner Mark Girvan confirmed that we needed to sum up Property and Maintenance in a single simple mark, and then I sketched the solution on the back of an envelope. Half an hour later, we’d drawn it up.

We were so pleased with the solution we only presented the one route to the client who, we’re happy to report, loved it.

Final Designs

Business Card



Buddy Creative

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June 23, 2009