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Denis Radenkovic,
September, 2004

Ogden Plumbing


Matt Everson of Asuteo.

One of my favourite things in logo design is the clever use of negative space and the Ogden Plumbing logo is a brilliant example.

As always, I was very curious to find out more about the process and how the designer got the idea. Matt Everson, the designer, is also based in Madison, WI, which made it even more interesting.

Ogden Plumbing

Designer’s notes:

“Ogden’s core competency is great service, so I was determined to create something friendly and personal. I focused almost exclusively on the human figure as I knew this could illustrate many things (response, strength, personal service, etc.)

In messing around with wavy, water-like shapes I developed the running plumber image and saw the opportunity to incorporate the plunger. You’ll see I went back and forth with both a pipe wrench and a plunger in various sketches.

Personally, I believe positive/negative space relationships make the most “clever” logos so I’m always trying to discover these opportunities.”

Drafts from the design process

Early Drafts

Refining the concept


Matt Everson of Asuteo.

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October 1, 2006