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Denis Radenkovic,
September, 2004



Peter Pimentel at smashLAB

Another clever logo case study! This time I have to thank the friendly people from smashLAB, a communication design studio based in Vancouver. Enjoy…



Sinkit is a tool used to improve a golfer’s putting skills. For the name, we generated over fifty possible options and singled out Sinkit for its distinctness, phonetic appeal, and meaning. Sinkit’s logo reflects the purpose and effectiveness of the putting aid. The logo’s letterforms have unique characteristics, balanced construction of geometric curves and precise angles, that suggest ideas of accuracy, technique, and advancement.

By reversing the wordmark, the visual weight and stability of this logo is increased. This characteristic makes the it ideal for implementations such as embroidery and embossing. The logo also gains versatility in its ability to reproduce well at small and large sizes and in various media.

The key element in the logo is the representation of a ball about to drop into the cup. This concept creates anticipation and excitement in golfers as it represents the ultimate goal of the game. By generating an emotional response in the viewer, the Sinkit logo is able to create a deeper connection and a lasting impression.


We generate hundreds of loose ideas at this stage.

Proposed options:

Typically we present less than three options, but felt strong enough about these five to show them all.


The majority of this stage is spent on refining each character and their relationships. The example below shows the approaches we took in balancing the “S”.

We often find it useful to work with a mirror of the character. It usually exposes overlooked flaws.


Peter Pimentel at smashLAB

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January 13, 2007