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Denis Radenkovic,
September, 2004

Nottingham Jazz



After a quiet few months on this blog, I was glad (pun intended) to see this logo. I figured it would be a great comeback.

The logo and the identity were designed by UK based Glad. It’s a brilliant concept. In case you’re still not sure about it, here’s a clue.

Nottingham Jazz

Logo Development

Designer's Notes

Nottingham Jazz are a small jazz band for hire in and around Nottingham. They needed an engaging logo that would be help their band to be remembered by prospective clients.

The idea came quite quickly: a jazz bassist pulls back one of his strings in the style of Nottingham’s famous archer, communicating both ‘Nottingham’ and ‘Jazz’ within a single form, without fuss or excess. We knew that if the execution was right, this logo would raise a smile.

Although the idea came quickly, the creation and crafting of the logo was a more labored process. After sketching, experimenting with existing images of archers and jazz bassists, we decided to try taking some photographs as a starting point. Creative Director, David Burdon put a suit on and his wife took a few snaps of him at home, pulling back an imaginary arrow and looking like a bit of a fool. These photographs were then used as a starting point to draw what became the final logo.

Type Treatments

Various type-treatments were explored for the text – in the end we opted for simple heavy, slightly extended sans serif letterforms inspired by the Blue Note jazz logo found on iconic jazz record sleeves.

Identity Applications

Business Cards

The challenge was to clearly communicate the concept and allow only as much detail as was necessary. Once the logo was complete, we set about to design the stationery. The design was letterpress printed into thick Colorplan mid green (we wanted ‘forest green’ but the shade wasn’t quite as nice!) stock with a buckram embossing, giving a further nod to Robin Hood and his rough green clothing.

Business Cards Details



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March 31, 2013